Disney is a great place to go! Use this information to make the best of your vacation.

Polynesian Character Breakfast: At the Polynesian resort enjoy a contemporary breakfast featuring Mickey Mouse and his gang dressed in their own Polynesian get-up.
TV Cafe: Eat a homey dinner at Disney's Hollywood Studios in a home with restraunts and waiters with a 70's flare.
Epcot Worlds Display: Pick any Country and savor their unique flavors.

Must - Sees
Mickey's Philharmagic at Magic Kingdom: Watch as your favorite mickey mouse characters put on an orchestra... until Donald gets the signature Fantasia hat!
Space Ship Earth at Epcot: Watch the world evolve from Cavemen to Computers, then take a personality quiz and reveal your future.
Big Thunder Mountain at Magic Kingdom: An old mine cart takes a wrong turn, and you get to dip and turn on a Western track full of silly surprises! (No upsidedown - ness, but this coaster may frighten children below 5)

The Emporium at Main St., USA: People of all ages will marvel at the huge selection!
The Star Tours Gift Shop at Hollywood Studios: Lots of Star Wars apparel and toys for jedi's young and old!
Mouse Gear at Epcot: What a store for all kids need (want!)!
The Backlot Tour gift shop at Hollywood Studios: Disney clapboards and "Best Parents" oscar throphies, all movie fanatics will be itching to go here!

After Dinner
Illuminations light and firework show at Epcot Worlds Display: No comments, just Wows!
Mickey's Christmas Parade at Magic Kingdom (only November 8th to December 18th): You'll be amazed!