American Stadforshire terriers (or Pitbulls) are often feared. But they are only feared for their reputation and abuse. Next time you see a scary American Stadforshire Terrier, think about this:

This is a real Pitbull. Many Pitbulls are in sad places. Chained in yards, feared and/or over looked at SPCAs. If you go into your local SPCA, you'll undoubtedly see many homeless pitbulls. Help save the Pitbulls by donating food, toys and beds to the SPCA. To learn more on how to donate, go to the SPCA website. Or better yet, adopt a Pitbull! Thank you, and I hope our misunderstood Pitbulls will one day be family pets. P.S. -
My aunt, and grandparents both have Pitbulls who are very loving and playful!