Hey, guys! So below, I am going to start a story. You guys can add any thing to the story at any time as many times as you want! So here are your instructions; so say I had already written, "There was a boy named Joe. He had a pet dog." You could add, "The dog's name was Bill. He was black." That would make it all together, "There was a boy named Joe. He had a pet dog. The dog's name was Bill. He was black." Okay so here are the don'ts:

1) Don't change the font.
2) Don't write your name by the part you added.

Okay! Lets get started!

Once there was a girl named Carrie. She loved to sing. She would some times sing all day and, on occasions, late into the night. One summer day Carrie sat out on her front stoop singing her favorite song which was Friday by Rebbeca Black. A tall man with a purple face came up and asked if Carrie would like to make a musical album. Carrie was shocked, so she went up in the man's face and SCREAMED! The man said that he wouldn't be at the studio on weekdays and that it was closed on the weekend. She ran inside to ask her mother. Her mother came outside and asked for the man's business card. He told her to call Tuesdays or Sundays at between 3 and 4 PM. Later that night, Carrie asked her mom what her thoughts were about the musical album. Her mom said she wasn't sure. She was a little suspicious about the man. Days passed that soon turned into weeks and still no answer from her mom. Then Carrie got an idea. (Light bulb!) She would have call the man her self! She rushed to her room and took the buisness card from inside her side table. She dialed the number. The man answered and Carrie asked about the album. The man had no idea what she was talking about! Her mom was right to be suspicious about the man. All along it was a crazy sceme!