Hey Guys! The thing about this page is:

you post the QUESTIONS and I post the ANSWERS. Please wikimail me if you would like to use this idea. So post any questions you have for only me below. Be sure to put your name next to the question you posted.

Hey Julianne, so can the questions be ANYTHING?>Stephanie
Yep, Julianne
What did you do in the talent show last year?>Katie
I played Piano, Julianne
Do you like the number 6?(Kyra) :D
I guess, but its not my favorite. My favorite is 13, Julianne

Do you like cauliflower?>Stephanie
Its not my favorite, but i will eat it! :-)>Julianne

So, I think I'll make an attempt to post this one. What's your favorite book?>Claire
(That question is probably the HARDEST question for me)>Still, Claire
Um, "How I, Nicky Flynn, Finally Get A Life (and a dog)" by Art Corriveau was really good. To learn more about it click
here, here, and here.>Julianne

Hey Julianne! So, I was wondering what everyone in your family's middle name is>Stephanie:D
dad - Mathius, mom - Jane, brother - Phillip, me - Devin.>Julianne